Empower communities and help protect native wildlife of the World Heritage Listed Wetlands system


Sustainable Hunting Management

Geographical Location

The Gurruwilling Arafura Wetlands is the largest wetlands system in the southern hemisphere.

Gulpilil’s Australia provides a adventure hunting management system that offers high-end trophy hunts for water
buffalo, scrub bull and wild boar.




Gupulul homeland is situated east of the Glyde River in North-East Arnhem Land approx. 600km east of Darwin. The name Gupulul is the homeland area of Marayuwu an area of rock escarpment, weltlands, fresh water creeks and rivers, paperbark, timber forests and jungles. The members are of the language group of Mandalpingu and family clan group of the Dhalatnghu.

Sustainable hunting adventures brings together traditional knowledge with modern technology to manage the vast numbers of water buffalo and wild boar across areas of the Gurruwilling which is the largest wetlands system in the southern hemisphere.

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Increased numbers of water buffalo and wild boar affect the natural eco-system and bio-diversity of the Gurruwilling Arafura wetland system including the way that salt water crocodile nest and lays their eggs each year.

Water buffalo and wild boar activity increase salt intrusion and soil erosion around our waterways and homelands, can spread pest plants, aid disease and can be very dangerous to our community people, pets and visitors.

This hunting system is unique as it assists the way that we manage and conserve our natural cultural environment while creating employment and training across land management and conservation, tourism and agriculture.

Hunters gain exclusive access to areas that are untouched, not hunted and purely wild, as
Aboriginal landowners wish to provide an experience that is professional, enjoyable and
unforgiving in an environment that is hard, hot and deep of mystery.

Our hunter tour guide rangers will take you on a adventure of a lifetime that will bring you back
time and time again. “Are you up for the challenge?

The company has been borne out of the need to provide the international game hunting community with a
unique range of hunting experiences that empower and enrich social and economic change.