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Gulpilil’s Australia will carryout wild harvest of saltwater crocodile an initiative supported by the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife.


Saltwater Crocodile Wild Harvesting

Gulpilil’s Australia is the only Aboriginal commercial wild harvest operator in the Northern Territory offering a unique indigenous experience for tourists, sport and recreational hunters, photo and media journalists including professional fisherman and other interested groups to observe the tracking and catching of large saltwater crocodiles for their skins and skulls as trophies.


Gulpilil’s Australia holds permits to take wildlife (Saltwater Crocodile Harvest) pursuant to section 56 of the Territory Parks and Wildlife Conservation Act an initiative supported by the Northern Territory Parks and Wildlife.

Large numbers of saltwater crocodile are causing serious frustration to the cattle station landowners, as the increase number of saltwater crocodiles poses a high level of risk to their livestock, pets and cattle station workers.

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Gulpilil’s Australia welcomes tourists, campers, birdwatchers, fishermen and four wheel drive explorers to tag along in support of Gulpilil’s Australia operating wild harvesting saltwater crocodile across the cattle stations that provides for an exceptional offering that is a balance between fulfilling quota numbers of saltwater crocodile under the Northern Territory Crocodile Management Plan and providing education to the wider-community.

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You can arrange to purchase the wild harvested skins and trophy skulls, however you will need to first contact us to discuss with the details of the wild harvesting tour experience.


Included in the package:

  • 3-4 days accompanying and observing the tracking and catching of large saltwater crocodile on both land and water
  • Indigenous interpretation eco-tour experience includes riverboat cruises at sunset and sunrise
  • Indigenous experience that includes hunting with spear, tracking, bush survival techniques
  • Wildlife viewing and photography, Aboriginal culture, bush foods
  • Transport in air-conditioned commercial passenger vehicle  (4 passengers)
  • Transported commercial passenger tour guide boat (5 passenger)
  • All meals and accommodation
  • Accompanied by Aboriginal ranger tour guides