Close the gap between peoples perception and understanding of Aboriginal Australia


Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Corporate Training

Close the gap between people’s perception and understanding of Aboriginal Australia, which limits the skills that is required to maintain good relations for a positive outcome, future and interaction between your organisation/ department and the Aboriginal communities.

Invest in corporate cultural awareness training across professional development brings about better-educated officers and staff who are all likely to bring new ideas and increased creativity into their workplace and role within your organisation/ department, which can have a positive impact on many different aspects of your business and role within the community.

Well-prepared and informative programs bridge the gap for 10-15 people and provide a unique cultural experience from an informative indigenous perspective of current issues, past events and future aspirations of local Aboriginal people.

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Equip your officers and staff with an improved understanding of the diverse roles Aboriginal people play in our communities, their contribution across the nation including the positive impacts on the Australian community, through television, arts, radio, media, politics and education.

Suited for Government agencies, corporate and mainstream community organizations looking to experience a unique cultural and social experience while accessing sites and places at culturally significant locations by bushwalking, canoeing and kayaks, luxurious houseboat, helicopter and tour guide boat.


4 Hour Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training

includes a boardroom style power-point presentation with indigenous bushfood catering delivered at your workplace to your staff.

4 Hour Outdoor Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training

includes boardroom style power-point presentation, kayaking and/or walking the Little Lake Boort, viewing ancient Aboriginal cultural sites and places in central Victoria.

4 Hour Outdoor Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training

includes boardroom style power-point presentation, canoeing and/or walking the Yarra River, viewing ancient Aboriginal cultural sites and places in Melbourne.

Full Day Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training, which

includes boardroom style power-point presentation and outdoor cultural experience on the Murray River in Swan Hill by pontoon boat and canoes viewing Aboriginal cultural sites and places.

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When staff and executive officers get new skills, they play a role in bridging that gap.

With minimal understanding the greater the gap between what currently they know and what they are going to need to know to have a greater impact on what they need to deliver in their role to bridge the gap between Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal people expectations towards a better community.

Business that encourage their staff and officers to participate in Cultural Awareness Training opportunities are viewed as being caring and supportive and working towards bridging the gap of a greater understanding between Aboriginal Australia and non-Aboriginal Australia.

It is important to consider the implications of not supporting Cultural Awareness Training.

Programs and activities have the full support and endorsements of Elders and their respective Traditional Owner Groups Gulpilil’s Australia partnership with across Australia.