Health and wellbeing programs for the betterment of our communities people health and wellbeing


Aboriginal Health and Wellbeing Programs

Culturally effective, inspiring and empowering health and wellbeing programs and activities have been deliver to indigenous people participating in Aboriginal community youth, mens and family group programs across Northern Territory and Victoria for the betterment of our communities people health and wellbeing.


The programs and activities were conducted at carefully selected locations on country at cultural sites and places that are of significance to our past, present and future.

Participants were provided a unique cultural and social experience accessing sites and places by kayaks, houseboat and tour guide boat.

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Community Strengthening Cultural Empowerment

Cultural Youth Learning Experience

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“The two day camp was well organised and the Aboriginal men gave great feedback about the activities such as the sharing of cultural knowledge, ceremonies stories, places, canoeing, fishing, hunting and the boat trip around the lake.”

Wayne Walsh, Koori Court
Swan Hill Law Courts

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